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"Giving is not just about making a donation, it is about making a difference."

Askari Safari reinvests 100% of our profits back into Africa

Your choice in travel can and we feel should, make a difference.

Askari Safari’s core mission is to ‘showcase Africa to as many people as possible, generating responsible eco­tourism that has intrinsic value to the local people and wildlife.’

Askari Safari reinvests 100% of our profits back into Africa, developing and promoting tourist facilities. We also donate 20% of those net profits to our charity partners listed below.

We partner with 4 key charities that have all been carefully vetted and selected with our core mission in mind and all have the following key components in their missions.

  • Education ​of villagers: (especially the children) who live in close proximity to wildlife. We focus on highlighting the benefits to the community that living with wildlife can bring through eco-friendly tourism, our mantra to the children and their parents NO WILDLIFE=NO TOURISTS= NO BENEFITS. Askari sets up visits to schools close to National Parks where our guests can interact with rural villagers, getting an unvarnished view of their lives and having a positive impact by assisting with supplies and equipment.

  • Protecting Wildlife:  Most National Parks services in Africa are underfunded and under equipped, to rectify this we help procure hard to get equipment and ask clients if they would be prepared to 'pack for good’ bringing the equipment with them on safari and donating it to the anti-­poaching teams at the conclusion of their adventure. The wildlife charities that we promote all have a proven track record of protecting a species to the betterment of the entire ecosystem.

  • Training and educating anti-­poaching teams:  Investing in training and education of current tactics and strategies with an emphasis on correct procedures and upholding the law with the anti-poaching teams. 

​You are helping make a difference by traveling with Askari Safari.

Our Partner Charities

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