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Having licensed African Guides as well as American and African Adventure Consultants on our team, all who have lived and worked on both sides of  the pond, gives us a very unique position in the Safari agency world. We are true experts! 


You can travel with peace of mind! Steve is also regarded as one of the top International security consultants in the world.

Askari is Swahili for bodyguard; young elephants protecting old bulls are known as "Askaris!"

Our Team 
Kathy photo.jpg

Senior Safari Consultant




Professional Tracker,

Anti Poaching Ranger

Jim Mackie Photo.jpg

Professional Guide

Our Partners

Askari Safari partners with only the best safari operators in Africa, in most cases Steve has had lifelong friendships with the camp owners and knows most of the guides and staff. We are all like family and therefore get the best possible service and solutions for our clients, who also become part of the family!  

Alumni Referral Program

Many of our clients have already repeated their first safari adventure with us, you know it already, safaris are addicting and life changing experiences...


 Our clients are our best salespeople.

Their experiences are shared through their photographs and words... 

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